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Making Choices to Make You a Better Consumer

Abby Kruse @ TreadZ 


Going green has been in-style for a few years now, and TreadZ wants to let you know how their efforts are helping you become better consumers both inside and outside of their store. Jon and Erin Zalinski pride themselves with their efforts to create a more sustainable store and provide you with more environmentally conscious brands. They have implemented a list of things they do to consciously lower their harmful impacts and increase their favorable impacts on the environment. 


In the store, TreadZ uses the following items to be more sustainable. Click on each one to see how they are benefiting the earth:


  1. We have switched over to all new LED Lights

  2. We use repurposed wood for all of our displays

  3. We use Bamboo Hangers

  4. We offer Paper Bags

  5. We participate in annual Shoe Drives

  6. We Repurposed Gift Cards

  7. We Recycle all of our Cardboard Shipping Materials 


Out of Store (And probably the most important):


We make a conscious effort to work with Sustainable Vendors


Fast fashion is the trend of buying new clothes every season, and Jon and Erin understand that consumers have to keep up with the fashion trends, but they also want to ensure your commitment to stay in style does not have a detrimental effect on our environment. TreadZ is full of clothing and shoes from companies that do things like plant trees for each item soldgive back to those in need, use recycled materials, and so much more. TreadZ also wants to give you clothes that will last a lifetime, so you don’t have to throw your cute new shoes or clothes away at the end of the season. This makes you more environmentally friendly too! Erin says, "We are committed to finding great brands every season that we can stand behind, that align with our mountain life ideals.  Many of our lines are made from natural sustainable fibers, or recycled materials” so you know you will be ready to take on the fashion world while staying true to the environment. 


We think that “living the mountain life” includes making purchasing decisions that make a difference.  This includes the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the things we do for fun, and we are all trying to do this without compromising “style”.


So, come on in to TreadZ were you can make a difference and “live the mountain life in style.”

Thank you for shopping and TreadZ.

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